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Mosquito Control

Enjoy the outdoors again.

This program is a necessity when living in the south! Mosquitoes are a constant issue and numbers continue to increase year after year. Mosquitoes are insects that can quickly become a significant problem in your yard, not only because they are annoying but also because their bites can transmit many diseases to both humans and animals. Engaging professionals to protect your home is an easy solution to prevent potential long-term health issues.

Auburn Turf & Pest Control’s mosquito specialists offer homeowners the services needed to keep this increasingly serious, disease-carrying threat at bay, enabling you to reclaim your yard.

Our package is geared to reduce the mosquito population considerably. Our team of professionals will apply our expert treatment which will create an invisible barrier around your property. The treatment is odorless, and the treated area dries within about 30 minutes allowing you and your family to get back to enjoying the outdoors in no time. We apply this spray once a month between April - October. Not interested in an ongoing service? We offer special occasion and one time applications for those who require it. Contact us to discuss your needs and learn more about this option.

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