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Pest Control

We hate bugs as much as you do!

Let’s be honest - anything that has too many legs and crawls needs to be kept away from your yard and your home. Without efficient pest maintenance, these creepy crawlers can ruin a gathering with friends or a relaxing day at home with the family. Regardless of the time of year, undesirable pests can surround your home which is why Auburn Turf & Pest Control implements a quarterly service that puts a stop to unwelcome critters with our premiere pest control program.

We use a three-step process: identification, treatment and prevention to ensure that the most effective methods are being implemented and to guarantee your property is safe from pests - both inside and out.

Keeping critters out of your home not only prevents unwanted fright, it can keep your family and pets healthy. Our experts identify the types of insects that are most likely to invade the inside of your home and then ensure the perimeter of your house has the appropriate protective barrier applied, deterring insects and bugs from entering.

The outside of your home is equally as important as the inside. If it crawls and bites you don’t want these critters on your lawn either. A wide variety of insects can damage your lawn which is why Auburn Turf & Pest Control provides ongoing pest control services to keep your yard safe from insect damage and allows your family to enjoy the outdoors in peace.

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