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Turf Care

Caring for your lawn.

Auburn Turf & Pest Control offers an 8 application program in order to achieve the lawn that you want year-round. Our team will visit your property every 6 weeks to maintain your yard through both weed control and fertilization services. Within the 8 applications, you will receive both pre and post-emergent weed control measures as well as 6 lawn feedings that provide the macro, micro and bio-stimulant nutrients your grass needs while simultaneously developing deeper and healthier roots. If you are ever unsatisfied, we are happy to come back and re-treat at no extra charge.

Fire Ant Control

For homeowners, the question of how to get rid of fire ants can loom large. Fire ants pose a danger not only to your lawn and landscape but also to people and pets. Fire ants can be aggressive and territorial, and can be a nuisance to try and get rid of yourself.

Auburn Turf & Pest Control provides the comprehensive and guaranteed fire ant control services your lawn needs, with proven fire ant treatment designed to rid your turf and soil of a fire ant infestation.

We apply a granular product in May or June that delivers up to one year of effective fire ant control and also helps to prevent other turf insects such as mole cricket infestations (the mole cricket is the single most destructive turf insect in Alabama) fleas, ticks, and other nuisance ants.

Our fire ant control experts can proactively protect your lawn from these insects or, respond to infestations with quick and effective treatments, making it easy for you to take back your yard from this invasive and sometimes dangerous pest.

Our Guarantee to You

If done proactively and applied in early Spring, our fire ant treatment has the ability to protect your yard for the entire summer. Summer is when fire ants are most problematic, therefore our 90 day guarantee ensures that these pests are not disturbing your time at home in the warmer months.

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